Nemesis is a woman owned brand that is ran completely by me, Chelsey.  I started this brand in 2016 to realize my childhood dream. I began my sewing journey as a young child. My foster mother was an avid seamstress and hand sewer. I watched her carefully and precisely cross stitch beautiful designs of famous paintings, just to fold them up and never be seen again when they were complete. That’s where the seed was planted. She made her own curtains, bedding and pillows. I was too stubborn to ask her to teach me so i just watched her precise movements very closely… I knew this was somthing id pursue in the future. She would often buy me these cross stitch and needlepoint craft kits for long car rides and i would be obsessed with the piece until it was complete-  a trait that has never left me.

I bought my first sewing machine. when i was 18 years old.  I started with  altering my clothes and adding adornments to my  clubwear outfits which I wore to dance. Women would comment and say how cute my outfit was, and I saw the potential customers all around me. More time went by, and  I eventually decided to make a career around my secret ambitions.  I started reverse engineering the clothing I had, replicating it and studying patterns. I made thousands of garbage items until my skillset was sharpened. I studied and honed until I finally felt ready to open my shop. My ability is from  persistence and practice. I did not attend a college or even have a mentor.  Several years later, i am a professional living my dream.

Besides being a designer I’m also a mother to one sassy and creative pre teen.  The journey has been incredible and formative for me as a person. She filled many voids i had my whole life and  I am so proud of who she’s becoming. She’s already showing the signs of becoming a designer one day herself. She makes awesome costumes- which she does NOT want any of my help or input on and each time i am amazed with the final product. She may be the future of Nemesis