Simple Wrap


please check the current swatch list for all available fabrics.

Mix and match sizing available- please specify. for example: large top & small bottoms.

This is for items that DONT HAVE CRYSTALS. Please skip to the bling request section If you’d like to change an EXISTING crystal. These are Premium crystals sewn onto the outfit by hand. I RECCOMEND BUYING THESE ITEMS IN SETS OF 3,5, or 7 for the best aesthetic.

all over generous sparkles on the fabric

if you want a different bottom type from the product photo.

Heavy beaded high end fabric. Please see the PREMIUM SWATCH SHEET.



Simple soft mesh wrap. Please specify color in the purchase note. Candy apple green, turquoise, hippie pink, hippie blue, or hand dyed lace

Hand wash hang dry. Do not put this fabric in the dryer


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